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Be part of the planetary network from your home.



Be part of the planetary network from your home.


COMMUNICATION June 19, 2021 SUMMARY Matías reflects on how he discovered the origin of his addictions byrecalling key moments in his life. These memories, often hidden by shameor pain, influence our behavior in unexpected ways. The conversationhighlights how human evolution and nature have led to repressingweaknesses, but in modern society, sharing and releasing these emotionsis […]


EXCESS June 18, 2021 SUMMARY Matías reflects on how spending too much time with people affects himemotionally. He feels happy sharing with friends but also longs forsolitude and routine. The combination of his need for company and hisdesire for tranquility creates an imbalance. This excess of socialactivity and anxiety about future projects generate nervousness and […]


COMMUNION June 17, 2021 SUMMARY In this dialogue, Matías talks about the concept of communion,highlighting that true communion is an equitable union between diverseindividuals. He reflects on how people often join religions andcommunities seeking belonging and security, influenced by appearancesand traditions. While initiation rituals into communities can beimportant, they are often misunderstood or performed without […]


APPEARANCES June 16, 2021 SUMMARY During a special broadcast, Matías and his team performed Piazzola’s”Balada para un Loco,” improvising and exploring bipolarity. Thisallowed them the freedom of expression that transformed chaos into aharmonious flow of creative energy, connecting art and explanation. Thedifference between art and entertainment was highlighted: art transformsand nurtures, while entertainment distracts. Matías […]


BIPOLARITY June 15, 2021 SUMMARY Matías shares a reflective dialogue about his emotions and internalbalance. He explains how the company of others fills him with energy andactivity, while their absence leads him to a natural state ofdepression—a necessary cycle for the rest and regeneration of the soul.Low emotions are seen as an energy-saving mechanism and […]


ADAPTABILITY JUNE 14 SUMMARY Matías reflects on the nature of change and adaptation amidststressful situations and uncertainty. Through an intimate dialogue withhis own being, he explores how expectations can limit us and howadaptability in all its forms is essential for growth and evolution. Herecognizes that true freedom lies in being open to new experiences,emotions, and […]


TWIN FLAME JUNE 13 SUMMARY Matías explores the concept of twin souls and twin flames, dissectingtheir meaning from both a spiritual and scientific perspective. Heunderstands the soul as a flow of emotional energy seeking to complementitself with other akin energies, as a natural process of balance andharmony. He describes twin flames as a divine manifestation […]


INTELLIGENCE JUNE 12 SUMMARY In this dialogue between two individuals, profound gratitude isexpressed for a liberating and transformative encounter. The nature ofintelligence is reflected upon, expanding the understanding of thisconcept beyond mere accumulation of knowledge. Twelve different types ofintelligence are explored, recognizing that each individual possesses aunique combination of them. Finally, advocating for self-acceptance asintelligent […]


SOUL MATE JUNE 11 SUMMARY Matías awakens with acute sensitivity after an intense journey alongthe Nile. He feels exhausted and disoriented, his body and mindsaturated by the experiences lived. After fainting, he reflects on theintensity of love and human connections, especially when remembering hisformer love, Sobek. Through a reflective dialogue with his “I AM,”Matías concludes […]


LIGHT AND SHADOW JUNE 10 SUMMARY Matías’s text prompts us to reflect on the importance of eclipses asmoments of introspection and transformation. He reminds us that thesecosmic events not only impact the external world but also affect usinternally, awakening our lights and shadows. Matías invites us to lighta candle and meditate on our positive and […]

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