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Two previously established premises are reaffirmed: that Kabbalah is not the mystical part of any religion, and that it is a knowledge, discipline, wisdom, or teaching. Next, another term that is not Kabbalah is explored, mysticism or esotericism, and it is clarified that Kabbalah is not associated with magic or divination. It is emphasized that Kabbalah is a universal language that explains how the universe works and how the inner workings of each individual function. The connection between Kabbalah and Sacred Geometry is mentioned, especially through the Tree of Life. It is concluded that Kabbalah is one of the languages or structures of knowledge that provides an explanation of the universe and the human interior. Readers are invited to question, reflect, and engage in a moment of silence to connect with the presented reflections. In summary, Kabbalah is introduced as a universal language that provides understanding of the functioning of the universe and the interior of each person.