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3D Geometric Weaving: Creating Platonic Solids
Santiago Aguirre
Recorded workshop
2024-05-26 14:00 (ARG)
In this course we will teach you and explore our geometric weaving technique with the purpose of connecting deeply with this sacred language through the handmade creation of the 5 Platonic solids in 3D; while I share with you all the knowledge and information of this geometric shapes and patterns which holds symbolic and mystical meanings. This technique is also a form of active meditation that will help you cultivate mindfulness and enhance creativity. I will show you in video reels the step by step and the elements that you will need for the weaving practice. Kit - Materials needed for our weaving practice: 250 beads or homemade tubes, all the same size (3 or 4 cm). Fishing line or thread (0.5 mm). Scissors or thread cutter.
A Shamanic perspective in Astrology
Odalys Villanueva
Recorded workshop
30 min
2024-05-12 16:00 (ARG)
Astroshamanic A shamanic perspective in astrology Astroshamanic is a perspective in Astrology that combines the shamanic legacy of indigenous cultures such as Siberia and the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel from the indigenous communities of Navajo in North America. For the shamanic perspective, one of the intentions is to accompany in clearing the alignment process with our Orenda, which is our inherent connection to the Spirit. Astroshamanic is a perspective in Astrology, which can weave the wisdom of a telluric plane and a vertical plane, these planes are related to the medicine wheel and the shamanic trinity or the three worlds, respectively. From the telluric plane, the medicine wheel shows us the four sacred directions that contain time and space. Remembering the natural cyclicity of human processes, just as the Earth and the Stars experience it. From the vertical plane, the sacred shamanic trinity which brings the perspective of the underworld, middle and the upper world. This Trinity forms the wisdom of the Great Sacred Tree in its three parts: the roots, the trunk and foliage. In each one of these planes, we can also find the 12 zodiac signs according to their energies within the medicine wheel as well as the planets within the Great Sacred Tree, in each of the three worlds. This tool accompanies the understanding of our astral map from a look at stages, cycles, accompaniment of planets as guides, zodiac signs as guardians, and the recognition of the sacred tree on our map. I invite you to join me on this learning journey about these tools for self-recognition, accompaniment and understanding of personal processes.
Transcending Capitalism – Self-based Organizations
Dimitri Alejo
Recorded workshop
2024-05-11 16:00 (ARG)
We are in a period of awakening and elevating consciousness. The current and traditional approach to doing business and managing organizations, rooted in the system of Capitalism, is becoming obsolete. It is time to transcend this paradigm and move towards one that reflects the new consciousness and human needs. "Self-based Organizations" represents an organizational model with a purpose centered on the Being, rather than the Capital. It seeks to create and experience a more authentic and elevated reality of the Self projected in organizations. And this is what we will remember in this course!

Group Therapies

Reconnecting with your inner child
Sami Ramírez
Group Therapies
90 min
2024-05-31 13:00 (ARG)
Encounter with your inner child - The seed of your mission The information we need to navigate this existence is stored within us. Sometimes we refer to our ability to access this information as a connection with the heart, with the soul, or with our essence. As children, we accessed this information naturally, effortlessly, which is why reconnecting with our inner child reconnects us with that library of internal data that as adults we have forgotten, but that does not mean it has disappeared. We want to invite you to have an encounter with this part of yourself, with your inner child, and to retrieve important information that you need to remember or transform internal stories that no longer serve you well.

Astrological Events

Full Moon in Sagittarius – I HAVE
Full moon
40 min
2024-05-23 16:00 (ARG)
Connect with the "I HAVE" energy of the YOSOY Path, guided by Aymara Dominguez. In this session, we will delve into the energy of Sagittarius, a sign known for its ability to optimize what no longer serves us or does not progress when managed with heavy energies. Sagittarius teaches us to take only the good and embark on an adventure. With the Moon in Sagittarius, this meditation invites us to observe the positive aspects of what we consider negative, without losing touch with reality. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and renewal!
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