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Feb 24, 2024


February 24, 2021


In this dialogue between "I" and "AM," Matías explores the profoundconnection between humanity and the Moon, presenting it as a symbol ofunity and protective mother. It is highlighted how the lunar presenceinfluences natural cycles, human biology, and spirituality. Theconversation invites reflection on the impact the Moon has on our livesand urges us to reconnect with it to find balance and renewal.


"If you don't recognize the Moon on your path, you will always getlost in it."


  1. Moon connection meditation: Find a quiet outdoor place at night,preferably under the Moon's light. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.Breathe deeply and visualize an energetic connection between you and theMoon. Feel its influence on you and allow it to fill you with peace andmental clarity.

  2. Gratitude meditation to the Moon: Before sleeping, take a few minutesto thank the Moon for its influence on your life and the world. Reflecton the positive aspects the Moon brings to your existence, such asregulating your emotions and time, and feel gratitude for them.

  3. Alignment meditation with lunar cycles: Keep a lunar journal whereyou record the Moon's phases and how you feel during each of them. Usethis information to adjust your daily activities and self-care practicesaccording to the lunar cycles, allowing for greater harmony with lunarenergy.

Perceptual Training Part 2: Sun-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn.

Feb 24, 2024

Continuing to learn to perceive and identify the energy of the planets in our daily lives.

Feb 23, 2024


February 23, 2021


Matías recalls his childhood with his aunt Olga, who dedicated muchof her time to the garden and taught him about plants. Despite beingmistreated by her family, she loved them and remembered them withadmiration. Through her connection with nature and her faith in theeternal, she taught him about life and death. After his aunt's death,Matías reflects on the meaning of Venus, the "Morning Star," as a symbolof love and light. Although Venus is a harsh planet, it represents theenergy of love that guides and gives life to all things. Matíasrecognizes the importance of regulating and channeling this energy toprevent it from consuming and destroying. He concludes that he will livefor himself and expand love in his experience, recognizing thateverything is love and that he is love.


"Venus is more than the planet of Love and Beauty, it is the worldthat calls for the balance of your heart, the balance of emotion, of thelove that nurtures your being."


  1. Emotional balance meditation: When you feel overwhelmed by emotions,sit silently for a few minutes and allow those emotions to flow throughyou without judgment. Observe how they change and evolve over time.Breathe deeply and remember that love is the force that nurtures yourbeing.

  2. Nature connection meditation: Dedicate time to be in contact withnature, whether by taking a walk in the park, contemplating a naturallandscape, or simply feeling the sun on your skin. Connect with thebeauty and harmony around you, and feel how it fills you with love andinner peace.

  3. Personal care meditation: Become aware of your physical, emotional,and spiritual needs, and dedicate time each day to take care ofyourself. This can be through practicing breathing exercises, gentlestretching, or simply taking a moment to do something that makes youhappy. Remember that self-love is essential for cultivating love towardsothers.

Perceptual Training Part 1: Moon-Mercury-Venus.

Feb 23, 2024

We will take a brief journey through the planets, understanding their functions/vibrational qualities, moving from the abstract to concrete objects associated with that planetary energy.

Feb 22, 2024


February 22, 2021


In this dialogue, Matías shares an introspective experience where hereflects on his dreams and internal struggles. He wakes up with a senseof spiritual longing and freedom, but also with profound anguish.Through a dialogue with his inner self, he reflects on the meaning offreedom, purpose, and the duality of his being. He discovers thatfreedom lies in his capacity for self-discovery and acceptance.Additionally, he explores the astrological influence of Mercuryretrograde as a reminder of the importance of constantly reviewing andreconsidering.


"Freedom is releasing the weight of what you do and who you are;responsibility is not synonymous with carrying a burden, it issynonymous with knowing how to respond."


  1. Visualization of inner space: Imagine a tranquil and beautiful placein your mind, similar to the valley described in the text. Visualizethis place as a refuge where you can find peace and inner clarity. Usethis visualization to connect with yourself and reconnect with yourdeepest desires.

  2. Meditation on inner freedom: Reflect on what freedom means to you andhow you can cultivate it in your daily life. During meditation, sit insilence and contemplate the areas of your life where you feel limited ortrapped. Then, visualize freeing yourself from those limitations andcommit to taking actions to achieve a greater sense of innerfreedom.

  3. Review and reconsideration meditation: Just as Mercury retrogradeinvites us to review and reconsider situations, emotions, beliefs, andactions, dedicate time regularly to reflect on your life. Take inventoryof your thoughts, emotions, and recent experiences. Identify those areasof your life that may need adjustments or changes and set clearintentions to move in the direction you desire.