COMPASSION MARCH 21 SUMMARY In the dialogue between Matías and his “SELF,” the concept of passionis explored from an etymological and emotional perspective. It ishighlighted that passion, in its Latin origin, is linked to sufferingand the effort required to achieve what is desired. Through thedialogue, it is understood that passion involves emotional and physicalwear and […]


SPIRITUALITY MARCH 20 SUMMARY Matías reflects on the religiosity in his country, contrasting itwith his secular upbringing. He highlights the difficulty ofunderstanding the need for security that religion offers to some people.He explores the difference between religion and spirituality, usingmetaphors like the GPS and the fishbowl. He advocates for spiritualityas freedom and total connection with […]


FLOW MARCH 19 SUMMARY Matías reflects on his personal growth and perception of flow in hislife. As he has aged, he expected to develop more mental and emotionalstructures, but he has realized that he has actually stopped clinging topre-established systems. In a conversation, he acknowledges that hedoesn’t have a defined system and has learned to […]


SENSITIVITY MARCH 18 SUMMARY In the dialogue between Matías and his inner self, the meaning ofpain and sensitivity is explored from a deep and spiritual perspective.It argues that pain, in its most basic form, is a sensory signal thatthe body uses to interpret the environment and ensure survival. Thisinterpretation is related to the sensitivity of […]


EMPATHY MARCH 17 SUMMARY In this dialogue between Matías and his conscience, the spiritual andhuman significance behind the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is explored. Theidea of empathy is highlighted as key to understanding and sharing thesuffering of others, as well as the concept of sacrifice understood as asacred act of service. Reflection is made on […]


BEING MARCH 16 SUMMARY In this dialogue between “I” and “AM,” the idea of loving the worldas it is, without expectations or judgments, is explored, and how thisfull acceptance is the first step towards its transformation. Thisprocess is compared to the care and guidance given to a baby in itsdevelopment, recognizing that accepting current circumstances […]


UNCONDITIONALITY MARCH 15 SUMMARY Matías reflects on his process of surrender and release ofexpectations, recognizing that by letting go of control over how thingsshould be, he experienced a profound change. He realizes that theconditions he believed were imposed on his life were actually his ownchoices, and that unconditionality is the key to true freedom. Through […]


SURRENDER MARCH 14 SUMMARY In this dialogue, Matías reflects on his mental fatigue and the needto surrender to the flow of life to find true inner strength. Throughmaritime metaphors and literary references, he explores surrender as anact of integration and self-surrender. He acknowledges that constantstruggle against the external world only leads to exhaustion, and thatsurrendering […]


UTOPIA MARCH 13 SUMMARY The dialogue between “I” and “AM” explores the nature of utopia as anidea, a perfect dream that drives humanity to create, discover, andprogress. It is suggested that ideologies are like utopias themselves,but clinging emotionally to an idea hinders its manifestation. The keyis to release the expectation of living in utopia and […]


VOID MARCH 12 SUMMARY In the conversation between I and AM, existential emptiness and thesearch for meaning in human life are explored. Reflections are made onhow the human mind seeks to fill empty spaces, both physical andconceptual, and how the lack of meaning can lead to depression anddistress. However, it is suggested that traversing this […]

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