DREAM MARCH 31 SUMMARY Amidst the excitement of 15 days filled with visits, laughter, tasks,and travels, Matías reflects on the dream and its significance. Throughan internal dialogue between his “I” and his “AM,” they explore thenature of the dream as a vital process where the body regenerates andthe mind delves into a world of illusion. […]


DESTINY MARCH 30 SUMMARY With each return to Osirion, Matías feels at home, as if he werereturning to his own place. Memories of the location flood him,especially those related to the temple of Haieptur, where women gavebirth. From a young age, Matías began to recall these experiences,reliving sensations of pain and pleasure associated with childbirth. […]


HUMILITY MARCH 29 SUMMARY In this dialogue, the relationship between humanity and the universeis explored from a spiritual perspective. The importance of humility inrecognizing our connection to everything around us, from the stars tothe earthly elements, is emphasized. It is stressed that true greatnesslies in the ability to marvel and learn from the small things, […]


FORGIVENESS MARCH 28 SUMMARY In this dialogue, Matías reflects on an experience at the Temple ofHorus in Edfu, where he felt the responsibility to ask for forgivenessfor the disrespect of others during a spiritual ceremony. A priestteaches him that forgiveness not only involves freeing oneself fromguilt but also releasing the other from their emotional burden. […]


DEVOTION MARCH 27 SUMMARY Falling in love from consciousness involves stepping out of thecenter by one’s own will to find, discover, and experience, recognizingthat what is found is a fragmented part of oneself externalized.Conscious falling in love frees the other from the expectation ofcompleteness and allows feeling and discovering without projections orattachments. On the other […]


FALLING IN LOVE MARCH 26 SUMMARY Matías recalls a moment from his childhood in front of the GreatSphinx that connected him with a past life in Atlantis, awakening in himthe eternal feeling of love. Through this experience, he understood thatfalling in love is entering a process of spiritual evolution, despitethe challenges and sufferings it may […]


CARESSES MARCH 25 SUMMARY In this text, Matías reflects on the importance of touch as the firstactive sense in human development. He highlights how caresses areexpressions of love and connection that trigger positive emotionalresponses. He invites guided meditation to reconnect with one’s ownbeing through the sense of touch, suggesting that by consciouslyexploring this sensation, one […]


SMILE MARCH 24 SUMMARY In the conversation between Matías and his inner self, reflection ismade on the solemnity associated with spirituality and laughter. Itexplores how laughter and smiles relate to human evolution and socialinteraction, from their initial function as defense to their currentexpression as communication and emotional connection. It is emphasizedthat the smile is the […]


GAZE MARCH 23 SUMMARY In the conversation, it is explored how the eyes reflect the soul andare a powerful form of non-verbal communication. It is emphasized thatthe gaze can elicit defensive or attractive responses due to theevolution of the nervous system. The importance of overcoming the fearof making eye contact to authentically connect with oneself […]


PSYCHOLOGY MARCH 22 SUMMARY In the dialogue, the human fear of change and resistance to facingthe inner world is explored. The importance of psychology in healingtraumas and finding true freedom is highlighted. Empathy and compassionare presented as tools to embrace one’s own brilliance and liberate thesoul towards manifestation in everyday life. PHRASE “The question is […]

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