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The letter Rrak is a powerful spelling that is related to the shield or shell, in this case of the physical week it is directly related to the barriers that we put up to defend ourselves from others or from situations and environments that can harm us.


The letter Tet is the earth, the horizon, that world or environment that surrounds us. However, in this position, it tells us about a pattern, something or a situation that has become a reality, to the point where we consider it immutable.


The letter Llim is the staircase, which takes us through different levels of consciousness. In this case it speaks of Ascension, that is, of being in a process of ascending to a different state.


The three together mean that we find ourselves in a week with the possibility of overcoming a pattern from which we have been trying to protect ourselves.


Because it is the physical week, the cards tell us that the tools to begin this Ascension process is to take care of our physical body: carefully choosing this week what we eat, the places we go, the people we meet. That is to say, being a pattern, what we must take care of this week is related to things that we have naturalized in our daily lives but that hurt us. What is toxic in your life and have you naturalized? This week avoid it and look for a new environment.