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The letter SUT refers to the Road or Town, where the towns are located, and therefore, to the space in which one moves while traveling through a place.

In this position it refers specifically to a Space, and since it is the mental week, it refers to the space that an idea occupies in our lives.


The letter Ñen implies the imperative, a duty, and is related to the Trident, as a work tool. It, as in this case, can be used as a weapon, which invades another’s space, however, in the mental aspect it refers to something new that penetrates the pre-established space, a new idea, something that forcibly intervenes in our beliefs without notice or permission.


The letter U represents the knees, which are the pillars of a structure but also its flexibility. When we advance in our walk, the structures of the past support our steps, and this is attributed to the ancestors, and in the mental aspect, it refers to generational preconceptions.


These three cards together refer to a time when an old thought can become recurring, such as wanting to resolve something old, ghosts from the past, generational conflicts, that invade our thought space. The three cards remind us that this week it can be interesting to pay attention to those preconceived ideas that do not belong to our common and personal space, but to old beliefs, from which we have not yet been able to get rid of.


In their opposite, the cards tell us what to do as exercise this week: go for a walk to new places, expand our horizons, our space, to reflect more clearly outside our comfort zone, and let those ideas pass through us instead. to parasitize us.