Unite the parts, know the Past, redefine the Present and build the Future.


You are a Part of a Network of Memories and Thoughts which Unite through Consciousness.


The only possible Path is to Return to the Heart, to Our Self, to the «I Am».


Enter the School of Remembering


What is a

The etymology of the word «Remember» refers to «Reuniting the Parts, Limbs or Members of an Organism or Network». This is why we have decided to create this Membership to Remember and Unite all those Members of the Network of Consciousness, inviting us to Reunite as One. So, in our platform each user will be known as a Re-Member: Remembering a New Humanity». 


We invite you to choose the type of Re-Member you wish to become:

What is Recordis School?

Recordis es una Escuela del Ser que busca la Integración del Individuo a través de cuatro Escuelas principales.
La primera Escuela abierta a partir de Agosto 2023 será MEMIEN, La Escuela del Ser, con la temática principal de Ontocracia.


Being part of Recordis School helps us spread Conscious content and build more free projects around the World. The aim of the Schools is the Education of the different aspects of the Being, of Consciousness, Unconsciousness and Subconsciousness. At these Schools we intend to offer you all the Knowledge and Tools possible for your Development as an Individual and for your Interaction as part of the Collective, being part of a Whole.  

The Schools will represent a Path of Self-Awareness in which different professors will accompany us in the Evolution of our Being through short concrete classes as well as activities, courses and workshops. 

You will find four Schools:

Memien School will aim at the spreading of the Yo Soy through a Holistic view of the Being. It will also be the only School to open during the first year of the Recordis School. 

Emenien School will aim at «Thinking», seeking the development of Ontocracy, from the standpoint of Consciousness.

Arsayien School will produce information from the «Feeling», inviting us to our Inner Development from the standpoint of Unconsciousness. 

Idilien School will develop Alchemy through «Doing», connecting us from the standpoint of Subconsciousness.

Become a Re-Member

The four Schools will offer all the information for the development of the Being freely, contributing to the spread and expansion of the Network of Consciousness and turning you into a «Seed» Member of the Planetary Network.  

By becoming a «Flower», «Fruit» or «Tree» Re-Member you will be supporting the information of the courses, workshops, conferences and contents of the four Schools so that everyone can access them freely. As a benefit, you will have access to exclusive content based on experience as well as masterclasses and mentorships. Thanks to this contribution, we will be making constant improvements to our platform. You will also be contributing to the free projects of Fundación Arsayian and Ontos Foundation which will serve to spread and expand our Conscious messages.  


Our objective is to create a Network of self-sustaining projects, both private and public, in an organic environment where an institution supports the other and each activity nourishes the next.  

Our aim is to generate an Awakening of Consciousness through the Education of the Being by providing Tools for the Coherence between Thinking, Feeling and Doing.

By becoming a «Flower», «Fruit» or «Tree» Re-Member you will have access to workshops, courses and conferences with exclusive content and you will help us support the «Seed» Re-Members who will Develop their Individual and Social Being to expand the messages.


Recordis School is a Project manifested by Recordis LLC, based in Florida, U.S.A, which sets off from the Grupo YOSOY. This Group, together with Recordis, incorporates Matías De Stefano’s activities from the Yosoy LLC, Somos Uno SRL, Fundación Arsayian and Ontos Foundation. The five Institutions are part of a «Manifesting Pentagram» as five Elements of Creation in which all the workers and collaborators work as an Organism within a Web and whose organization is based on the Metatron Cube.    


We base ourselves on the «I Am» as the Axis of our entire philosophy

Remembering is the key to our Search: To Remember the Past to build Future; to Remember to Unite different concepts in a Network of Coherent Development; and to Remember as its etymology indicates: «To Return to the Heart, to Our Self» 


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