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The letter RR symbolizes the turtle, it speaks of armor, shell, strength and protection, in this position it refers to defense, to turning your back to receive a weight, the need to protect yourself from something or someone.


The letter PB symbolizes food, and originates from the idea of ​​bread or dough made of cereals. In this position he speaks of hunger, which expresses a lack of something, a need for nourishment.


The letter E is the pen of truth, with which history is written. In this position it represents writing by capturing something that is in the world of ideas and must be expressed in the material world as a message.


The three cards together in this position speak to us of a moment of introspection, of keeping oneself silent, being careful at home, of not exposing oneself because it is a moment of energetic weakness. The advice is to write down your thoughts and nourish yourself with silence and my own company, keep to yourself.