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The letter Ñen is the trident of power, born from the gallows, a symbol of agriculture and the one who orders: separating the chaff from the wheat. From the physical aspect it literally means putting things in their corresponding place.


The letter U in this position refers to the literal action of walking, and related to the physical it is precisely taking action: cells awaken potentials in action, and change beliefs through attitudes.


The letter Inuk is that of polarity, having balance between two different aspects. Seeking balance means giving the corresponding place to each aspect of our lives.


These three cards invite us this week to put a new order in what we seek to grow or transform in our lives. If we want to change something in our work, let’s literally rearrange the office, if we want to change our diet, let’s redecorate the kitchen. Let’s put into action a new order that brings balance to our being.