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The second week of the month of Capricorn invites us to integrate an aspect of our history that we are not contemplating.


The first card is the letter SS which in general speaks of the difficulties of the path, but in this position it tells us that we must integrate what seems to be an impediment. Integrating is accepting and becoming part of that which seems opposed to us and our path but which can become a tool for our purpose.


The letter H is everything we carry inside, in our cells, and in this case, it speaks of history, of everything that has happened before my existence. Therefore, we talk about aspects that we do not usually pay attention to, that are past and seem foreign but they shape us.


The last card, DH, is the being, essence of things, and in this case, an entity, that is, a set of aspects that have their own force, it can be a memory, a trauma, a situation or person that is not on this plane, and related to H, which is from our past history.


All three tell us that this week we can receive the presence of something or someone from the past of our history that returns in some way to our lives to be integrated and converted into something useful for our new path. Pay attention to the fact that the things that seem forgotten in the past are often the keys to open the doors to the future. Acceptance!