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For the first week of Capricorn, the intention tells us about a change in our food in the mental aspect of our month.

The letter LH represents the female breast, or the udder of animals, and therefore speaks of the first food, the essential. This position tells us that we must pay attention to what we eat, especially in the mental aspects: sometimes eating certain foods is more related to culture than biological need.

The second letter is N, which, in this case, represents the action of giving or delivering. We can interpret that this week, we are asked to provide something, perhaps a belief about what we ingest.

The third letter is Z, which refers to Intention, born from the energy we put into acting, that is, where we put our eye on a goal where our strength will be directed.

All three talked to us about focusing on a new diet. Pay attention to caring for what we eat, and give rise to new ways. Always from the mind, we are asked to first pay attention, focus, and intention in bringing the energy towards that action.

The question here would be: If we are going to change our diet, why are we really doing it?