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The letter Pehet is the letter of the Throne, of the king, who determines the law. In this case, it symbolizes power, that is, having authority over something. From a mental perspective this week, having power also represents guiding or leading, being the image of the father.

The letter Phyr represents the altar where the fire is located, a sacred space. In this position, it refers to gentleness, as it is the feeling of home, affection, and in relation to the mental aspect, it refers to the delicacy with which things are done.

The letter Aha, or silent, is the origin and end of things, and is used to emphasize what was previously said. In the mental case, it implies an infinity of possibilities related to what was said earlier.

The three letters this week refer to the possibility of regaining power with delicacy over a matter over which we had no control. Delicacy in this case implies that power over this matter is something internal and inherent, not involving conflict or struggle, but simply something we had abandoned or set aside.

These letters indicate that by paying attention to that matter we left for last, new possibilities will open up that we didn’t even expect.