The Bridge of Rama


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Advance, Vibration, Mutate, are the intentions of this reading for the Physical week of Pisces. It advises us to change something, to transform into something new, and for this, we must tune in to this intention.
Mutating is the ability to adapt to the environment. Therefore, this spread tells us that we must advance on a path that seems stagnant, a space, relationship, or situation that does not change and needs transformation, hence the circumstances ask us to mutate. Sometimes this is scary, and it happens through suffering when the environment forces us to mutate and we continue in the previous tune. Therefore, the advice is to observe in which vibration we find ourselves. Pay attention, low vibration ties us to the past, inaction ties us to presentism, and constant activity or stress ties us to the future. Where do you find yourself? Look for a middle ground, and transform.

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