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The letter Kot means Tool, but in this case, it refers to the space in which the tools are stored. Being Emotional week, it refers to the emotions that we keep to ourselves and do not express.


The letter Fez is the snake, which moves through space adapting and therefore advancing towards its objectives. The snake uses all its senses to move forward, relying on vision and smell to identify space.


This leads to the third letter, since that space is Reality. Tet speaks of the form of things, the quality of what is, and refers to what is seen in the light of the sun.


The three letters together in this Emotional week refer to the fact that the emotions we keep in ourselves can be seen much more clearly on a day-to-day basis, and therefore we will be tested to move forward despite it. The things we keep to ourselves tend to be tools to face our reality, and this is what this week’s cards suggest to us: finding usefulness in what we have kept out of fear, and rewriting the laws of our emotions, that is, transforming what that poisons us with medicine capable of curing our emotional attitudes. What emotion do you keep and condition your reality?