Unite the parts, know the past, resignify the present and build the future.


You are part of a network of memories and thoughts that unites in consciousness.


The only possible way is to return to the heart, to oneself, to the I Am.

Would you like to discover how your Personal Transformation can create a great impact in the World?

Frequently Asked Questions

RECORDIS is a School of the Being which seeks the integration of the Individual through four main Schools.

The first School to open as from August 2023 Will be MEMIEN, The School of the Being. Its main theme Will be Ontocracy.
This School offers free content under the concept of «Seed», with the intention of promoting the Expansion and Awakening of Consciousness.

Additional to the free content, the School includes the concept of «Flower» which can be accessed through a Membership with an annual or monthly fee.

The etymology of the word «Remember» refers to «Reuniting the Parts, limbs or Members of an Organism or Network». This is why we have decided to create this Membership to Remember and Unite all those Members of the Network of Consciousness, inviting us to Reunite as One. So, in our platform each user Will be known as a Re-Member: «Remembering a New Humanity».

By becoming a Flower Re-Member you Will have the opportunity to further explore the topics and the fundamentals of the Memien School to allow for an integral growth of your Being. Your Membership contribution Will be destined to the expansion of the Network of Knowledge so that we may reach more Individuals who are interested in Conscious Education.

The Flower Membership fees are 369 USD in a single payment or 36 USD monthly payments.
To enrich the experience of the Membership, we offer unique experiences through master classes, live transmissions and mentorships within our online platform. We believe in the importance of inclusion, interactivity and responsibility in Education. This is why we Will offer students the opportunity to create and actively participate in their curriculums by choosing their classes, teachers and even becoming a part of the teaching staff.

By becoming a Seed Re-Member you Will have access to the free courses of the School. These Will allow for the development of your Individual and Social Being by creating spaces of exchange and expansion of the messages.


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