The Bridge of Rama


Be part of the planetary network from your home.



Be part of the planetary network from your home.


APICAL MERISTEM 18 JULY SUMMARY Destiny is not a destination we reach but an internal force thatpropels us from our roots, shaped by the past. Just as the apicalmeristem of a plant guides its growth deep into the soil, ourunconscious and past experiences chart the path we follow. Although wemay face pressure and pain, these […]


TUBERS 17 JULY SUMMARY Today, I understood that to grow and find our true selves, it isnecessary to distance ourselves from what surrounds us and rearrange ourenvironment. Like a potato that takes the shape of the container itgrows in, we are also shaped by our circumstances. Sometimes, thisprocess of change is painful, similar to the […]


ROOTS 16 JULY SUMMARY The root of the problem lies in the hidden foundations and origins ofour lives, similar to a tree’s roots. To resolve conflicts and traumas,we must go to the root, as it is there that the nutrients feeding theentire tree are absorbed. Our current actions and problems are oftenunconscious responses to experiences […]


TRUNKS 15 JULY SUMMARY When everything seems to be falling apart around you, remember thatit is your perception that is changing, not the world itself. The worldcontinues its course with its ups and downs, and it is our internalstability that gives the sense of chaos or order. Reflect on theprinciples you have based your life […]


BRANCHES 14 JULY SUMMARY The path we choose in life is not just a series of individual stepsbut an extension of our being and the generations that came before us.Every decision and fork in the road reflects both our heritage and ourwill to seek the light and expand. While we often feel that our choicesare […]


LEAVES 13 JULY SUMMARY Matías reflects on how, by letting go of heavy emotional stories, hefelt lighter and finally slept well. He realized that he finds pleasurein suffering, especially in forbidden and conflict-filled love stories,as these create a tension that his brain perceives as exciting. Heacknowledges that many humans share this tendency to seek drama […]


FLOWER 12 JULY SUMMARY Matías reflects on the internal struggle between the need to sleepand the emotional and mental exhaustion he experiences. Sleep is notjust a biological necessity but also a way to avoid confronting theunconscious. Matías feels overwhelmed by self-knowledge, which demandsconstant introspection and resolution of conflicts. According to Matías,true happiness is not found […]


FRUITS 11 JULY SUMMARY Matías reminds us that the seeds, the true purpose of the fruits, arewhat we should value in life. While fruits nourish and sustain the seed,humans often focus on consuming these fruits, seeking immediate rewardsfrom their actions. However, wisdom lies in understanding that truetranscendence comes from planting new seeds for future cycles. […]


SEED 10 JULY SUMMARY During the New Moon in Cancer, a profound path of innertransformation called the Dragon’s Path begins. This story helps usunderstand the creation and purpose of life through the Tree of Life,guarded by the Dragon, a symbol of unity and the potential of nature. Byconfronting the Dragon, we face our emotions and […]

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